Quinte Royals Baseball Club
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The Quinte Royals Try Out Dates for the 2024 season 

Tryouts are now complete for the 2024 Rep season and team rosters are set.

Please pick from the drop down menu regarding time and place for tryouts or click on the link below

Please remember that you must tryout for your own age division and review the tryout policy

Please ensure that you review the Royals Consitution to ensure you live in the Royals cachement area.  If you are outside of that area, you are required to obtain a release from your home center in order to attend any Royals tryouts. 

8U tryouts https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/8UTryouts

9U tryouts https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/9UTryouts

10U tryouts https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/10UTryouts

11U  https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/11UTryouts

12U https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/12UTryouts

13U https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/13UTryouts

14U https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/14UTryouts

15U https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/15UTryouts

16U https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/16UTryouts

17/18U https://quinteroyalsbaseball.com/quinteroyals/1718UTryouts

14/15U SELECT https://app.teamlinkt.com/register/find/quinteroyals